Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spoof ad final -DeVecchis

So for my spoof ad I choose to focus on old Marlboro advertisements. Specifically the group of ads that were targeting women. They contained the slogan “The Cigarette of Distinction” and pictured beautiful, youthful, elegantly dressed ladies. Thus, I decided to change Marlboro to Mortboro in order to play off of the idea of the unhealthiness of the cigarettes and I took the tagline and changed it to “The Cigarette of Extinction.” For my first image, I wanted to stay with the illustrated type look with just black and white and a hint of color (in this case red). I pictured an elderly, severely wrinkled woman and tried to make her somewhat skeleton-esque looking. I started off by drawing her in ink, and then scanned it into photoshop and added shading and detail. Lastly I went into illustrator and added text.

I took a different direction with my second one, and wanted to keep it simple, black and white, and just highlight the new name and tagline. Thus I took the shape of the traditional Marlboro logo, turned it black and inverted it so that the two shapes faced each other creating a white diamond in between. I did this because I wanted to somewhat give the impression of a hole. Then I drew smoke and placed it within the black shapes. Lastly, I made a small skull to place at the top white point, because I felt that without it the image didn't necessarily look like it was saying that cigarettes were bad.


  1. I really like your second one! The image and the slogan really bring it together.