Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Social Media-- Moran

Choosing gifts for friends can be challenging because personalities and interests can be broad and makes it difficult to decide what present would be a perfect match for a friend or family member. For example, two people who like tennis may not like the same tennis shirt as a gift. Applying music and fashion interests in addition to the sports interests leads to a gift idea that better suits an individual.

Young facebook users who rely on social media for connecting with friends and keeping in touch.

Facebook collects data and tailors advertisements to the user. This app would use user data to generate gift ideas that are a unique match to the assortment of interests listed on a person's profile.

The target should be excited that data is being used in a way that is more useful, helpful, and sentimental than basic ad generation. The app would be used to make shopping decisions around holidays and special occasions.

Sharing personal information and interests on social media can be applicable to real life decisions and potentially change people's feelings about the amount of information they share on social media.

The key elements of this app are the ability to draw complex conclusions based on multiple interests and to create new meaning for the typical Facebook likes and interests.

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