Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Social Media Campaign 1- Mitchell

Social Media Campaign Idea

-Preface: This past weekend I brainstormed the normal creative way that I know best and that is watching movies that I absolutely love. What I was able to come up with is something outstanding, I want to create an app that is much like a magic 8ball but instead it tells you what to do in unique situations.

Describe the Challenge: As we dive deeper and deeper into a technologically controlled world we get further into boredom as we tend not to appreciate the little things anymore. So with this based on location we could come up with fun unique situations that make these moments count!
Who is target Audience? This would be the electronic smart phone users. Ages ranging from 21-38. Rather in this situation more Male over Female. Except it could be built towards both platform audiences.
What does the audience currently think about the brand/group?
Currently the audiences themselves really want more and more with technology and apps. As the phones improve so do the app capabilities, so with this app we can come close to Instagram and Twitter with the input of them being quite popular.
What would we like the target to think/feel?
We want the target to get outside the house, get off the couch and get active and engaging. It will be unique in the aspect of being a local capable based on gps and also situation based.
What facts, evidence, or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking?
The facts are clear, almost every app and game on the market, shelve the consumer to a couch, chair, or seat in a home or workplace. This will integrate you into where you may be at an interactive time.
What is the brand essence?
The essence is in the engagement, yes there are apps that include gps enabled benefits but this will determine gps located engagements.
What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core?
The app will provide entertainment: we understand you forgot to read a book so here ya go.
What media will best facilitate our goal?
It will integrate through iPhone and android app users. Along with building into tablet apps. The integration through Facebook and twitter and even Instagram will be top priority for full benefits to be received from the app.

What are the most critical elements?
IT will be highly critical to integrate a friends list into the app to allow communication that would further motivate engagement.

What do we want the audience to do?
We want audiences to use this app and share through social media hoping that not only social advertisements but rather word of mouth with the engagement benefit and uniqueness of app pushing this forward.

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