Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Schimmel Social Media Pitch//No Sweat

The challenge is to make a social media app that allows consumers to rapidly obtain information about the means of production 
of their clothing, and thus make informed decisions about what they might buy. The social media element comes in when users share
specs of the items they've bought (or rejected!) with friends of similar concerns. The goal is that, through the use of the No Sweat app, 
people know exactly what went into the shirt they're buying (and their friends can know too.)
 Target Audience: Affluent, trend-aware consumers. Younger people will like the appiness of it, but older people who might not usually
care about social media will enjoy the instant information provided by the app.
 Currently, people are aware of the potentially crappy origins of their consumer goods, but they are having a hard time making the 
connection between the item in their hands and the labor/materials required to make it. 

We would like the users of the app to feel even better about their superior consumer goods choice by reinforcing the idea
that they are doing the ETHICAL thing by using the app.

By hyping up the gross work conditions of international clothing manufacturers as evidence, we can stimulate the guilt
complex into making the consumer feel like they are a bad person if they do not use the app to find an ethical garment.

The brand essence is modern, intelligent, global, and ethical. A feel good service that looks good too.

The key emotion I will probably play off is guilt. By exposing the unsavory origins of certain items, we can guilt people
into making different choices. 

The best media for this goal would be a handheld app for the smartphone that makes instant research possible. And rather
than requiring the user to research, the app will provide relevant information so they do not have to search. The app's 
website will feature an encyclopedia of "unethical" production methods to be avoided in order to solidify the guilt.
Critical elements: reliable, slick app UI that is easy to do while multitasking (in the store). A cohesive network of other people
to share your purchases/rejections with is also important in order for the idea to spread.
The single most important takeway is the awareness that the user gets: 1)what is in their shirt/shoes/hat 2)where their
friends are buying their clothing. Essentially, we are shaping the decision making process with this app.

Ideally, the audience will patronize merchants who have ethically-sourced products over those who do not. We also 
want them to continue the conversation about 'what is a desirable product' with their friends so that the trend of desiring
ethically-obtained items continues for longer than a week.



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