Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reflection 4 - Drake Manalo

Reflection #4 (Chapters 13-15):

It is astounding to think about how often we spend in front of a screen every day. Whether it is a computer screen, TV, or our phones - we spend a majority of our lives using technology. This is why there are so many books about it and why this particular text has a whole chapter dedicated to websites. A website can make or break a brand, while providing a different type of experience for the user/consumer. The book writes that visual design is a marriage between form and function, and I completely agree. Yes, a website can be beautiful but if it is not functional then it loses all hope of keeping the audience (and same vice-versa). The book made an interesting point about online ad campaigns and how they are short-lived. This is important to keep in mind: the viewer has the ability to "x" out of the webpage if it does not appeal to him/her.

As far as good website design, I feel that all music festival websites are clear, concise and to the point:

Alongside website usage is mobile advertising. Constantly we see the free app with advertisements, and another advertisement to pay extra to get rid of the ads! No matter what platform society is using, advertisements are there. I think the fun thing about mobile advertising is the interactivity between audience and viewer is so simple (even more so than websites). The consumer can snap a picture and submit it to a database where the company will display it immediately. Mobile advertising brings accessibility to the world, and that is one of the biggest considerations I feel for this type of ad

The Ambient: Paperboy Recruitment Campaign looks extremely creative. The way that the advertisements are created (simple yet creative) allow the viewer to be immediately intrigued. Even reading through these pages I stopped to really look at the pictures and analyze what was happening; I wanted to be apart of the advertisement. Something I have not considered is the point that unconventional advertising should be careful of being annoying. I immediately thought of a CTA ad downtown at a crowded bus stop where you can interact with the screen, but there were way too many people to do anything - so it was pointless. I find humor to be the largest creation.

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