Thursday, May 2, 2013

Roels Spoof Ad Final Critique

By replacing the stereotypical American Apparel ad models with cats, I hoped to show how hyper-sexual the images they use are. As I started designing this project I found that the ads I created did not have the same punch as the original American Apparel images did. I'm not sure if this makes the project unsuccessful, or very successful. While researching ads I realized the text on them is actually pretty tame, there really weren't any blatant innuendos. So when I paired similar phrases with picture's of my feline model, Mimi, they didn't have the same sexual charge. The ads I created are a little static, making them unsuccessful. However, when the originally idea (which was taking the sexuality out of these ads and replacing it with irony) is applied the ads are successful because they aren't sexually charged. 

I chose Chicago magazine as my publication because American apparel is associated with the urban setting, they run there ads to be location specific. My other source of media is a billboard, which is how American Apparel often advertises to the Urban population, such as Chicago. 

8" x 10.5"

12' x 30'

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