Monday, May 6, 2013

Social Media Campaign 1 - Bialek

Melissa Bialek

Social Media Campaign

The idea I have is for a global texting app, so people communicating between different countries (and even in-country) could avoid paying international roaming fees. The name I have floating in my head is KapeTalk, similar to the expression “coffee talk” here in the USA but using the Tagalog word for coffee. I’m focused on the Philippines/Asia due to having family there, but it could be worked for other countries – if anyone has a better idea for a name, please feel free to give me suggestions.

KapeTalk would allow both SMS and MMS messaging – meaning just like normal texting, people can use the messaging app to send both text and pictures. It would also include the ability to send and collect “stickers” to each other after certain milestones (like number of messages sent, number of contacts, etc) to add a cute aspect to the messaging experience. This would also be used on both Android and iPhone technology.

(1)        Describe the challenge: The challenge here is to make this as “cool” and “cute” as possible without too high of a learning curve for potential older users. Many people my family would like to contact are older and don’t understand phones too well – even my own mother has issues with understanding how to use most of the things on her iPhone. KapeTalk would need to be made to be accessible to many different ages, but be simple enough in function and design that anyone could tap to open the app and use it. I feel the pull of “free SMS/MMS” between countries and even within the country for people who use KapeTalk together would give it a lot of appeal – the only thing necessary would be a small fee for the app itself (free version with ads and fewer perks, paid for no ads and more stickers, etc) and the necessity of a WiFi connection or data plan on a smartphone/tablet.

(2)        Who is the target audience?: The target audience would mostly be young adult to adult women who want to text chat, so women ages 18 to 40. This is because part of the appeal of KapeTalk would be the cuteness aspect of it, and because – again, personal experience – it is mostly the women of my family and other country-separated families who want to talk to one another. It would not be inaccessible for men, and it wouldn’t necessarily be pink with sparkles, but boys might not be as inclined to use the app.

(3)        What does the audience currently think about the brand or group?: There are a few apps out there such as Skype or other instant messaging clients that are similar to free SMS/MMS, but it doesn’t have the exact same functionality. Usually, these clients necessitate the need for the user to be “online” to receive messages, and with potentially large time zone differences, this is not ideal. Also, these programs are better suited for use on an actual laptop or desktop computer, which further discourages people from wanting to use them as an app. Lastly, the most reliable source of international phone exchange is paying for an expensive international plan, which is costly for both sides. KapeTalk would have users have an account to sign in, but messages would be received even if offline, just like texting a phone that’s turned off, and would be free to use outside of a small fee to pay for the ad-free app.

(4)        What would we like the target to think and feel?: I want the target audience to feel excited, happy, and thankful that they can easily send messages to their loved ones across the pond for free.

(5)        Which facts, evidence or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking?: As listed under number 3, there are many obstacles with fluid conversation between people living in different countries. If you are willing to confine most of your conversations on the computer, then maybe KapeTalk wouldn’t be for you – but for people that want to be able to even just message their families over the phone, then it’s a godsend. International phone charges are expensive; my family knows this firsthand. Having a service to contact one another for free would help skim a lot off our phone bill.

(6)        What is the brand essence? Family-oriented, easy to use, cute, helpful, happy

(7)        What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core audience?: Probably relief and/or joy, because a way to contact family for free is a plus, and continued interaction between users means they will continue to use KapeTalk to talk with one another.

(8)        What media will best facilitate our goal?: The iPhone/Android, of course, since that is the platform it will run on – so being in the App stores on there would help. Also, being advertised on Facebook (sidebar advertisements), Twitter (tweet away and offer deals like limited edition “stickers” or a sale on the cost of the app, like $4.99 to $2.99), or even as banner advertisements on forums based around pop music, dramas, or fashion would also help, as that is one way that overseas girls get together and find everything from makeup to electronics.

(9)      What are the most critical elements?: Having people trust KapeTalk as a reliable way to get in contact with their families, friends, and other loved ones overseas. Older people must also be able to understand how to use the app if they would like to use it. People must be able to understand and believe that KapeTalk is also a better alternative than paying for international fees for their phone, or using something like Skype or other instant messengers as apps.

(10)      What is the  single most important takeaway?: The most important takeaway is that talking to people overseas, sending them pictures of family or food or whatever – it doesn’t have to be expensive or something you need to schedule in blocks of time on Skype. Talking to your family should be easy and fun, and KapeTalk should aim to do that.

(11)      What do we want the audience to do?: I want my audience to use the app, tell their other friends or family members to use the app, and have a great time – and free time – talking to the ones they love. I want them to continue the value of loving and respecting family and friendship!

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