Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HERZOG - Social Media Campaign Pitch

Over the weekend, I was confronted with the idea that we all seem to have---to some extent---celebrities that we "keep track of." Whether it's following their Twitter account, paying attention to what upcoming movies/shows they'll be in, or trolling the internet for red carpet pictures, etc., our obsessions are easily fueled by the internet and social media. With that in mind, I think it would be an interesting concept to create an app that acts as a celebrity (social) media conglomerate, to allow even easier access to the information we want.

Describe the challenge:

As frivolous as it may sound, fans potentially keep tabs on their favorite celebrities on multiple social media/internet sites, some of which they might not want to join themselves. They also have to sift through all the unwanted information and pictures of other celebrities.

Who is the target audience?

The stereotypical "audience" for celebrity culture magazines/apps is usually the 14+ female crowd, but I would keep it open to 14+ males and females.

What does the audience currently think about the brand/group?

Currently, the audience feels that it's taxing to keep up with "their celebrities" on such varied and expansive sites. Celebrity magazines are expensive (and men might feel embarrassed buying them) and, like websites/social media, include a lot of content about people they don't care about.

What would we like the target to think/feel?

We want the target to appreciate this service because it makes this hobby easier and more comfortable. They can efficiently track their celebrities from the comfort and privacy of their phone and/or tablet.

Which facts, evidence, or thoughts will assist in this change of thinking?

The app will combine (if applicable) celebrity Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, etc. accounts as well as news and pictures regarding appearances or upcoming projects. It will present the information in a "news feed" format to present content for the celebrities you "subscribe" to. Because most content is already online, even if it is also found in a magazine, the audience would truly be getting everything they could possibly want from one source.

What is the brand essence?

Other than efficiency, I think the one ideal this market has been missing up is simplicity and modernity, regarding layouts and design; celebrity sites and magazines have a tendency to overdesign, and the results are often tacky at best. Because it is such a touchy subject (the audience is essentially stalking other humans, after all), I think a clean, streamlined approach  could potentially offset the creepiness.

What is the key emotion that will build a relationship with the core?

The app will provide understanding to its core: we understand that you aren't actually a stalker. But for those times when you really just want to know what Bill Murray's been up to lately, this app will provide you with everything---and most likely much more than---you want to know. With any luck, the app will also achieve that self-aware level of understanding that it's an app for celebrity stalking and seeing the potential humor and self-deprecation in that, while still providing the best service possible; basically, it should serve fans of celebrities without indulging in the celebrity-obsessed culture (if that's even possible?).

What media will best facilitate our goal?

The app itself is obviously an iPhone/Android/tablet application, but it will act as a conglomerate for celebrity social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, etc.) and celebrity news/culture websites (IMDB, People, Getty Images, Dlisted, etc.). With "tagging" technology (think Google search), it should be possible to (hopefully) track all the content on a celebrity, import it onto the app, and then give the audience the choice of what sites they do/do not want to see on their feeds.

What are the most critical elements?

It is critical to get permission for celebrity social media accounts and pictures (sometimes picture rights are extremely expensive). Otherwise, because it is a conglomerate and is not creating its own content, the app doesn't need permission for other content (news, stories, gossip, etc.) as long as it links to the sources. It is also critical to maintain the image discussed in the "brand essence" section (streamlined, modern, etc.).

What is the single most important takeaway?

This app will easily and comfortably facilitate any level of interest in any celebrity.

What do we want the audience to do?

We want the audience to download the app, subscribe to their favorite celebrities, realize that the app provides all of the content they want (with the option to disregard any content they don't want), and to then make the app part of the celebrity culture conversation.

As of now, I have the name "CelebriStock." The app is like "taking stock" of "your celebrities," much like checking on your stocks on the NYSE, etc., but also implies the humor/human truth of celebrity stalking.

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