Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Life in Advertising Idea Mikula

I decided I really wanted to go with the my life in advertising instead of the rebrand because it is more open ended to creativity than a rebrand. I really love the story of where the wild things are (as do a lot of other people). The story of a young lonely boy, max who gets in trouble and doesn't like facing reality and dealing with problems so he goes into this fantasy world. Max has fun romping around with the creatures he discovers but realizes he has go home. I feel like I can relate in a close sense that I've always been a kid at heart. When faced with problems, life, reality and all those adult things, I don't want to deal or confront them. I'd rather just be a kid because that always seemed simpler. But just like Max, I realize that I need to face these things. For my project I'd like to take a picture of myself because I have an awesome max costume. I want to have a picture in a forest with a lot of signs on a tree (like the picture below). The signs will have different things I have to do and confront and the signs will all be going different ways. I want to be sitting up in a tree or maybe just on the ground avoiding the choices even though they are looming over me.

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