Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Critique #2-Roels

Spoof Af- American Feral

Although American Apparel does a great job of diversifying their models, the images they use are so sexually charged that they reinforce the acceptability of objectification in advertisement  Using cats is my medium to reveal how the images are so derogatory. A cat is not fetishized and is generally seen an adorable house hold pet, seeing one objectified reveals the shallowness of the words used in American Apparel's ads because their is no lust or envy associated with the image the words are attached to. No one is going to idolize the body of a cat and hope that by buying a specific piece of clothing that they will look the same, nor will anyone see cat as sexy in anyway (hopefully). These two feelings originally instilled by the images in the ads are now replaced with humor or irony at the idea of a cat being hypersexualized in somethings as simple as a hoodie.

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