Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoof Ad- Garcia

For the Spoof Ad I am going to go with my idea of using Urban Decay. There a very well known line of cosmetics and I actually am going to use a friend that loves Urban Decay and happens to work at Ulta for my images. 

There slogan is "Beauty with an Edge," I'm changing that to "Wrinkles with an Edge." What I want to show is that regardless of how much make up you put in on, once it's off all you're left with is wrinkles and signs of age (Which is NATURAL!!)

(Why look tan when you can look like leather?)

My idea is to show an Ad with a girl covered in large amounts of eye shadow and mascara and lipstick but show that her skin is starting to wrinkle and it's no longer as tight and smooth as it "used to be."

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