Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roels Final Critique Green City Market

When I think of urban market places dedicated to sustainable farming I believe advertising promotions should be conservative in resources, lively, and functional; much like a farm itself. 

I chose by duo chromatic color palette in order to reduce printing waste, though the colors are evocative of life, energy, health, and fun. The content is meant to provide the vistor a way to navigate the market, inspire them to purchase goods, but ultimately provide them with usable information as well as the delighting feature of a poster all wrapped up into one source. While these all could be done separately, as one cohesive printed material it reduces cost and waste to Green City Market. The white space should be assumed as the texture of recycle paper, so it would be more of a natural color as anything that is truly white in a product has been bleached. The layout folds into quarters to a size that would easily fit in a persons pocket or purse, allowing freedom of their hands as well as providing them a space to place it to reduce litter around the area. 

I am happy with how this project came out and put a lot of thought and research into my choices. I hope you enjoy, and visit the market! It is delicious.

(original logo)

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