Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dorian Sosa my life in advertising crit 1

For this project I plan to make different posters about decisions that have or will have a defining role in my life. The posters will all be composed of two words that define or describe the two different paths that I could have taken or the two different options of which I can only choose one.
The words that I plan to use for each poster are:

 Design vs Law:
this defines the two career paths that I had to choose from, I think we know which one I picked :)

Cuba vs USA:
The two countries where I have lived, marking the tough decision to leave my homeland and move to the US. 

Career vs Family:
As I get older I have to choose whether I want to advance my career and grow as a professional, or get married and start a family. This one is a little more flexible, but women still have a lot of pressure on them when it comes to raising kids vs having a career, (this is also one of the reasons that kept me away from pursuing law). Unfortunately I feel like we are still having to make these decisions while men have more career advantages whether they have kids or not. 

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