Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Carey Advertising Crit 1

Initially I wanted to do a rebrand, but I decided that doing a ¨My Life in Advertising¨ would be a bigger challenge. It really has.

This is the quote from Arthur C. Clarkes book, Childhoods End, that I´ve always really liked: ¨He has reached the center of the universe. And he has barely begun his journey.¨

This is the design that I´ve been working on:

I wanted this to be a really simple representation of something that I believe in. I also thought that by using this pink and white scheme, I could encapsulate some kind of femininity that I think lacks in every day life that is essential to my existence. The other reason I chose to represent it this way is to incorporate the idea of a kind of birth. Looking at the circle in the center, it is expected that you would be able to see to the other side, like being born or taking on a new project or doing something new in life. That may sound absolutely horrible or cliche but thats what I was working with when starting this.

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